Surf Lessons at Kele Surf School


Based on our safety first philosophy we take it seriously, reguardless of your age, surfing experience and skills we want you learning, surfing and enjoying as much as possible and all this with the maximum safety. All our surf instructors are qualified with the (ISA) International surfing asociation standards, lifesaving, first AID knowledge and certification. Our surfboards and equipment are renewed constantly, so you get the best! Soft top surfboard with rubber fins for our beginner clases to maximize safety and comfort.

Our surf lessons are based on years of experience that is why our teaching methods and courses are designed by our experienced team to make it as easy as possible for you! We are also constantly monitoring the quality of the lessons to make them better and easier for all our surfers.

What characterize Kele surf school is our personal touch. we are people who follow our passions and we want to share our passion with you!